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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair services are very common in Central and South Texas due to the ground underneath the slab is settling and shifting. The ground settling and shifting can cause cracks on the interior and exterior walls. Foundation settling can cause major problems with your entire house. Your framing can get out of line causing doors to stick. Your roof can get out of line causing leaks with your shingles. And yes, when your foundation settles too muck your plumbing can be damaged, causing plumbing leaks under the slab.

Are you seeing signs of foundation problems in and around your home or business?

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Our slab foundation repair services involve digging under beams of the house and driving concrete or steel structures on top of one another to create a stable footing. These footings are placed under the foundation. In the foundation industry, we call these type of footings PIERS. There are several types of pier designed for slab foundations. The most common pier used in the Texas region is the press pier. The press pier can be used with 6” concrete cylinders or 2” steel pipes.

The concrete piers are primarily used to level and stabilize the structure using the concrete foundation beam. Steel is used primarily when the foundation does not have a concrete beam to lift off of. There are other types of piers used as will. A Corpus Christi Foundation Repair Expert can determine what type is best for you. They will determine the best pier for you by evaluating your soil, your structure, the movement and the weight of the structure.

All types of slab foundation piers are installed with the same basic concept:

  1. We first start with site preparation begin by laying down plastic or plywood and removing plants to ensure that your valuable property is safe and secure.
  2. Our experienced team will then break through concrete or paved surfaces to create access holes which are about as big as doormats.
  3. After we complete the preparing the site we move onto the next step in our process.
  4. Our team will then press pilings into their required depths and resistance levels at predetermined locations. This will ensure that the structure’s weight is supported, and soil conditions are kept stable.
  5. A piling cap is then placed onto the last driven piling for extra strength.
  6. Hydraulic jacks are then placed on top of the piling cap and our team will raise the lowest parts of the foundation to level the structure as close to the original elevations as possible.
  7. Once the raising is completed, we have our team insert steel spacers/shims between the foundation beam and cylinders in order to fully support the structure.
  8. We’ve now completed all the heavy lifting for this project, literally. Our final step is to clean up your property by replanting plants, filling holes, patching concrete breakouts and removing any residue from your property.

We guarantee that you’ll find your property looking better than ever when you hire us, here, at Crown Leveling Inc.

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