Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and Beam foundation repair is similar to that of slab foundation, except this foundation is elevated from the soil and consist of wooden structures. One difference between a slab foundation and a pier & beam foundation is a pier and beam foundation is more of a maintenance type of foundation. Slab foundations do have problems, but they are designed to be more of a maintenance-free foundation. Pier and beam foundations should be checked at least every other year.

The piers of a pier and beam foundation is like a pressure point that can only hold a certain amount of weight if a pier settles and stop holding all the weight it should, then the weight transfers to another pier and overloads that pier. Over a small amount of time, this will create a snowball effect causing major problems.

This can cause:

  • The structure to get out of level
  • Walls to crack
  • Doors and windows to stick
  • The wooden beams and floor joist to brake
  • The piers to weaken
  • The roof to get out of line and leak
  • The plumbing to get out of line and leak

A pier and beam foundation usually consist of a footing that is called a pier, a wooden beam and wooden floor joist. We at Crown Leveling can repair or install all the elements of a pier and beam foundation.

Pier and Beam Foundations are widely used in the Texas region. They are mostly used for older wood frame structures. There are more slab foundations built today than the pier and beam foundations, which means there are a lot more slab foundations, then pier and beam foundations. So, when it comes to Killeen foundation repair companies, most companies only repair a few Pier and Beam Foundations a year.

Crown Leveling has repaired 100’s of pier and beam foundations. We understand all the diverse types of piers for a Pier and Beam Foundation and all the diverse types of wood used under the house for the foundation. We have experience with large colonial homes over 100 years old and experience with small wood frame structures of all types.

When it comes to a Pier and Beam Foundation problem you should only use a foundation repair company with the experience and expertise in pier and beam foundation repair.

Crown Leveling has extensive experience and knowledge in Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs.

Don’t close your eyes to the problem, Pier and Beam Foundations can be inexpensive to repair when you correct the problem early.

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