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Crown Leveling Inc. is the premier foundation repair company in the Central and South Texas regions. We specialize in fixing both residential and commercial foundation problems. We will take on any project … no matter the size.

Foundation settlement and cracking can lead to major structural problems for your home or business. No matter what structural problem you have — cracked slab, weak piers, settling structure, or broken plumbing under the house or business — we can help.

Texas is a diverse state with soil that varies from city to city. Fortunately, we are very knowledgeable about the different soil environments in Texas and our repair techniques suit all of them. After our job is done, the structural integrity of your property will be at the highest standards.

If you are having issues with your foundation. If your foundation is crumbling and out of level..we’ve got your back.

This is a very SERIOUS issue. You must not skimp or work with anyone with limited experience. The stability and security of your home is at stake.

Our company is Crown Leveling Inc. and we are an experienced contractor who specializes specifically in foundation repair and leveling.

This is what we do, EXTREMELY WELL.

We’ve served 100’s of clients around the area yearly and have won rave reviews for our outstanding and efficient service.

We can repair:

  • Slab Foundations
  • Pier & Beam Foundations
  • Under Slab Plumbing
  • Sinking Concrete

Each technique is used specifically for your foundation needs. No structure is the same. There are many types of structures, many different soils and many different landscapes around structures that can cause different issues with your foundation.

Repairing and stabilizing your foundation is not an easy thing to do. The soil under and around the foundation is always shifting and moving due to the extreme Texas weather conditions. Soil will expand with the moisture from rain and then contract from the lack of moisture and rain. Crown leveling understands the extreme Texas weather conditions that cause so many foundation problems. There are many different techniques to repair your foundation.

A professional foundation repair expert can identify:

  • What type of foundation you have
  • What type of soil is around and under your foundation
  • How much movement has occurred
  • What type of method is best to repair and stabilize your foundation.

Crown Leveling offers FREE evaluations for all property owners. Get in touch with us today if you need Austin foundation repair, Corpus Christi, Killeen, Round Rock foundation repair, or other areas of Texas.

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