Foundation Problems

Many homeowners believe their foundation is the strongest part of the structure and cannot suffer damage. While foundations are strong, there are a variety of foundation problems that can happen. By recognizing the warning signs that your foundation may need proactive service, you have an opportunity to enlist an expert. At Crown Leveling Inc., our trained foundation repair specialists provide professional long-term solutions.

What Causes Slab Foundation Problems?

Water is a homes greatest adversary. Slab foundations are susceptible to shifting due to extreme water conditions. While many types of soil expand and contract, it is important this occurs in a uniform fashion. When water gets involved the foundation gets stressed from the movement of the soil pulling in different directions.

In the least damaging scenario, a foundation may suffer minor aesthetic imperfections. In more serious cases, a migration can put the entire home in jeopardy.

How To Recognize Foundation Problems Early

Rarely does a foundation make a quick major shift unless it rests over a sinkhole or geological anomaly. In most instances, homeowners will begin to notice small signs. If neglected, these minor indicators are likely to grow into major warning signs. These are some things that should raise concern.

  • Window and Door Frame Gaps
  • Windows and Doors Getting Stuck
  • Cracked or Chipping Foundation Cement
  • Slanted Walls
  • Gaps in Moldings
  • Cracking Sheetrock of Plastered Areas
  • Uneven or Cracked Flooring

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, call a foundation repair specialist for an evaluation. The longer the problem persists, the more expensive the repair could become.

Methods Used To Correct Foundation Problems

The thought of leveling and jacking a migrating foundation can be unsettling. In some cases, it will affect your home life while the tasks are being completed. Fortunately, today’s technology allows cutting-edge techniques such as “piering” and “poly pumping” to be employed that minimize cost and intrusion.

Piering requires driving concrete cylinders into the ground and hydraulic jacks to lift and stabilize the foundation.

Poly Pumping is a method of infusing the gaps or soft material under the foundation to raise and strengthen it. The strategy aims at restoring the original elevation.

The techniques used to correct your foundation issue will depend on numerous factors that include soil type, home weight, and accumulated damage. It’s important to work with an experienced foundation repair company to get long-term results.

Crown Leveling Inc. Is An Central and South Texas Foundation Repair Expert

If you are beginning to see warning signs that your homes foundation may be shifting, it is important to act quickly. At Crown Leveling Inc., our trained foundation repair technicians are available to assess the issue and provide a detailed correction plan.

No matter what structural problem you have whether it is cracked slab, cracked piers, settling structure, or broken plumbing under the house, we will be there to help. Our customer service is our top priority.

We will take on any project no matter the size. Texas is a very diverse state and the soil varies from city to city. Fortunately, we are very knowledgeable about the different soil environments in Texas and our repair techniques suit all of them. After our job is done the structural integrity of your property will to the highest standards. We make sure that our repairs are built to last. Give us a call today for a free estimate! Call Crown Leveling Inc. at 1-800-699-4814 or fill out our FREE Quote Form.