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Trust Crown Foundation for all of your house leveling and foundation repair needs. Our services include:

Slab Leveling

This “press pier” technique involves digging under the beam of the house and driving cylindrical concrete pilings one on top of the other in the excavated space until they hit a “point of refusal” and cannot sink into the ground any deeper.

On the topmost piling we place a solid concrete pile cap, using hydraulic jacks to level each pier perfectly. We drive in steel shims to lock the piers in place. We can evaluate and correct any unevenness in your existing foundation, creating the steadiest possible platform for your home or commercial structure.

Pier and Beam Leveling

A pier and beam foundation has similar understructure to that of a slab foundation, except that the area above the concrete pile cap accommodates a wooden substructure supported by floor joints, creating an open crawlspace area underneath the home.

The wood in this older style of foundation eventually deteriorates after years of contact with water, soil and possible pest infestation. We can repair bowed floors, add new supports for better weight distribution, and let you know if you have a moisture problem that needs remediation.

Concrete Driveways and Patio Slabs

When properly designed, poured and maintained, a concrete driveway or patio can look great and perform well for many years. But the reverse is also true — if you leave this job to unskilled personnel, you could pay a lot of money for a cracked, uneven eyesore. If your driveway or patio slab is showing signs of wear, contact us and we will do everything possible to even it out or replace it, whichever makes more sense.

Plumbing Reroutes

We can tunnel underneath the home to provide access to any plumbing that may need rerouting underneath the surface of the home. We are proud to have associations with several top-class professional plumbing contractors, enabling to help address any plumbing issues that might exist both below below and above ground level.

Free Estimates

We are always happy to come out to your home or commercial property and evaluate the current state of your foundation, looking for any signs of trouble and determining how we can best save the structural integrity of your home or business location.

Senior Citizens Discount

You’ve spent many years in your home, and you deserve to enjoy it for many more, but a fixed income can make major home improvement jobs a challenge. At Crown Foundation, we understand your point of view — that’s why we offer a discount for all of our senior clients. We feel that it’s just the neighborly thing to do.

Transferable Warranty

All our work comes with a lifetime transferable warranty so you can rest assured that your foundation will stand the test of time. No matter which services you need, you’ll always get our best work from licensed, bonded, experienced contractors. Contact us today and find out for yourself what Crown Foundation can do for the beauty and longevity of your biggest investment — your home.